Let me begin by saying that it is not my goal to fear monger or stir up political debate. My purpose is to help everyone be a little safer, and maybe gain a little perspective.

My heart aches that America is so divided, things like the Olympics are meant to bring pride and unity to our country, we should be inspired by the amazing feats of strength exampled by all the athletes represented in Rio. Yet, all that seems to be overshadowed by racial and political tensions. (Quite honestly, our political situation seems more a satire than reality.)

Let’s start with perspective.

Our purpose in life is to provide service. Service to many leads to greatness (either Ziglar or Rohn, I don’t recall which at the moment). When we choose to better serve our employer, customer, or neighbor, God (the universe) will reward us.

There is incredible darkness, violence, and sadness in the world. Many will never experience the suffering that exists. Count this as a blessing. Let’s consider both service and suffering as truths. Realize that no matter your situation, find a way to serve others and you will find prosperity. (This of course is relative).

Now something actionable to keep everyone a bit safer.

  • Don’t kid yourself. You’re not a Navy SEAL, I don’t care how many bar fights you’ve won. The easiest way to win a fight is to avoid it at all costs. Don’t introduce yourself to a dangerous situation. And if you happen to find yourself in one, leave quickly and take as many people with you as possible.
  • Make a decision. Do not freeze, read the situation, make a decision and act. These 3 things need to happen rapidly and at a continuous rate. If you really want to get deep into it Google “OODA loop”.
  • Weapons. Regardless of your stance on weapons there is one thing I think everyone needs to agree on. BE EDUCATED. If you choose to carry a weapon you sure as hell better be confident in your abilities and willingness to use it. Gun/knife/fists, if violence is your only choice, know you’re not going to come away unscathed, and at the point of action know that deadly force is necessary.
  • Exercise and nutrition. Seems silly, but these two things will leave you more mentally alert and better able to make decisions under high stress situations.

Written word is not the best way of communication. If I upset you, if you have questions or need clarification, please feel free to contact me or join us tonight at 6:30 for our Situational Awareness class. We will discuss this and more at greater length. There is no cost, class is at TNT Fond du Lac.