I apologize for the mess. I am sick of looking at it too, but the painting is almost done!

We’ve all heard walking under a ladder is bad luck. While I’m not superstitious, I am enough of a klutz to observe tales that cause no harm.

I recently was challenged to find the truth in every cliché; I began to consider this one. At some point enough bad things consistently happened to people after they walked under a ladder. Maybe they tipped the ladder, had paint spilled on them, or fatally fell off the ladder.

Causation or correlation.

Walking under the ladder may have disrupted how it sat and tipped the can of paint, which would be causation. Falling off the ladder and dying would have nothing to do with walking underneath the ladder, there could be correlation though.

The superstition could simply be advice to not be complacent. Make an effort to walk around the ladder not underneath and there may be closer attention paid to ascending and descending the ladder, and how far out of reach work is done. These little things could possibly save a life! And if it’s good advice for climbing ladders, maybe it’s good advice to apply to everyday life. Let’s not cut corners, let’s complete tasks correctly and fully, let’s exercise with our full attention given to each lift!

Let your mind be as strong as your body.

Exude excellence!