We all bleed red… I often wonder what it is about exercising that brings people together to form a community. Here are my observations; you can form your own opinions. Exercise reaches outside social status, it seeks to find the real you. It searches for commitment, sense of purpose, and reveals the neglect and injury that life has brought. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve achieved, or where your journey starts or ends. As you sweat with the student next to you, they see someone showing up, committing themselves. They see you trying. Opportunity is not equally afforded to everyone; however, everyone has the ability to put their best effort forward, to smile in the face of adversity. You made the decision to improve yourself, work hard, be open to learning, and practice finding the silver lining! We all bleed red. I see your heart, I see your potential. I don’t care about your past, we cannot change it. I care about your future, this you can control. You provide the effort; I (we-TNT) will provide the direction. Keep your chin up, be the champion of your story.