In the gym, especially in TNT’s training environment, being aware of your surroundings is a necessity. Our priority for you first is to be safe, then to ensure you’re seeing results!!

Here’s 3 easy tips to help keep you injury free when exercising!

  1. Start and finish every standing kettlebell movement by hiking the kettlebell, this comes from a broken record, but it is worth its weight in gold when your lower back starts to hurt!!
  2. Lockout during the ‘float’ phase. Knees, hips, and abs all contract, like bracing for a punch!
  3. Ask for a spotter or for more instruction. Not sure about your get up? Grab one of the instructors or a strong friend and have them spot (It’s a cast iron ball, it will win). The trainers can see a lot (ie, those glutes not locking out on your swings ;D), but we cannot feel that your shoulders are uncomfortable during pullups!

So, ask for help, hike the kettlebell, and lockout!

Looking for a self defense course before sending your child back to school?

Sign up for our Situational Awareness Class, Monday August 15th at 6:15pm.

We will be covering safety during travel, social media use, and active shooter reaction.

More questions? Email Steven situation