Athlete Sports Performance: Ground Contact Time.

Athlete training should have layers of ground contact time. Minimal, Moderate, Above average. These layers should be cycled in speed agility and quickness training, and programmed appropriately throughout the week. Ground contact time in regards to linear speed would...

Adult Training: Fiber!

Why Fiber? Because it makes you poop better and more. . Still here? What more is there to expand on?? Just kidding. Fiber is super important and for this habit we want you to consume 35g or more of fiber a day. There are two types of fiber. Soluble and insoluble....

Athlete Training in Fond du Lac

Injury prevention and injury recovery. Developing athleticism is more than moving fast and being strong. It’s about developing movement patterns that your body can always find even when your focus isn’t on form!

Gyms in Fond du Lac

Train safely: do no harm. Have fun: the best exercise you can do is one you want to do regularly. See results: because why else?